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Men's Life Coaching - Taking the First Step

The twenty-first century demands men possess more than physical and mental toughness. It requires them to be willing to evolve and grow and to seek wellness and balance in their lives. Many times we are expected to manage work, intimate relationships, friendships, children, our personal health finances, businesses, projects around the house, and so much more on a DAILY basis.

Maybe you think you're just an average guy who has just a few things to work through. Maybe you think you coping and handling the stresses of life pretty well. But, it's also possible you're not. It's easy to resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms to handle stress, past abuse or unhealthy behaviors modeled by your parents. Maybe you're just struggling with constantly being overwhelmed and pressured, which, in turn is causing you to lose control of your emotions or feelings. Maybe, you resorted to withholding emotional and sexual intimacy from your spouse. Or you've turned to alcohol, work, pornography, or risky sexual behaviors to numb yourself - maybe it has even turned into an addiction. Regardless, of your current coping mechanisms, new

It's also possible that you're on the receiving end of the above. Maybe your wife has betrayed your trust with an emotional or physical affair. Or, you're constantly being blamed, criticized and being deprived of emotional and physical intimacy even when you feel like you've done everything to be attentive, loving, and available to your spouse.

Coaching can provide tools and support men need to better navigate and succeed in today’s world, helping prepare them to function in whatever situation they find themselves as fathers, workers, friends, or intimate partners.

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