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Men's Sexual Addiction & Intimacy Anorexia Life Coach
Located at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs

start living your best life. 

coaching can help. 

Are you wondering if coaching is a good fit for you? You don't need to have something going wrong in your life to receive professional help, mentorship, and guidance. Fire Forged Coaching was founded with the understanding that success in the twenty-first century demands that men possess more than physical and mental toughness. It requires them to be willing to evolve and grow and to seek wellness and balance in their lives.

Coaching can provide tools and support men need to better navigate and succeed in today’s world, helping prepare them to function in whatever situation they find themselves as fathers, workers, friends, or intimate partners.

coaching services

sexual recovery coaching

Through personalized sexual recovery coaching, I will help you establish and meet goals, set boundaries, and create a customized recovery plan that can help you become and stay clean from pornography and sexual addiction. This tried and true sexual recovery program has helped thousands of men live a lifestyle of sexual integrity - and you can too!

intimacy anorexia coaching

You've found out about the term "intimacy anorexia" and you realize it pertains to you. How do you move forward to live an abundantly connected life with your spouse? Our coaching sessions will cover how to rewire your brain from creating disconnection to forming connection and intimacy with your spouse.      

Married & Alone coaching

Your wife has withheld sex, emotion, and intimacy from you for years and you never understood why until you found the term "intimacy anorexia". Finally you know why you're feeling married and alone...but what do you do now? I'm able to give you understanding, strategies, and tools that can help you as you navigate your relationship with your spouse. 

betrayed husband coaching

Learning that your wife has physically cheated, had an emotional affair, or is a sex addict has turned your life upside down. You aren't sure how to move forward and have questions about what to do next. I can help you process emotions and turn them into action by formulating effective strategies and boundaries moving forward. 


change your MINDSET
change your life

Not sure what to do next?
There’s an easy way to find out.
Call and ask.

Do you need support? From one-on-one appointments to support groups, we can help set you up for success

service formats

noun_coaching_66723 (1).png

one-on-one sessions

Coaching sessions can help you establish real goals, control and real, individualized progress


support groups

If you want to learn and grow, see how other men do it! My telephone working groups help men learn more about their relationships and themselves.

noun_phone support_3827029.png

telephone coaching

Receive confidential guidance via phone from the privacy of your home or office. Sessions will be 50 minutes long.  


My style of coaching acknowledges the past but focuses on helping you move forward by developing a plan to meet your goals in the present and the future. Whether you are just starting to reach out for help or you've already started but are feeling "stuck" - I can help you create a personalized plan for your healing, addiction recovery, and personal development. 

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