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Sexual Recovery Coaching


Are you struggling with sexual integrity or sexually compulsive/addictive behaviors that are controlling or having a negative impact on your life?


My job as a sexual recovery coach is to meet you where you're at to develop a plan to move forward. Whether you're struggling with pornography, extra-marital affairs, or visiting sexual establishments, I want to share that there is hope and healing to all who seek it. Through this tried and true sexual recovery program you will be given tools to succeed. It doesn't matter if you're just starting your recovery journey or if you're further along in recover but are feeling stuck and need some extra guidance - I will be your support system in some of the toughest moments and your cheerleader during this process. I want to guide and encourage you throughout your journey. My approach is very hands-on. You will be receiving homework assignments every session so that you're growing personally and working toward rewiring your brain so that you can live your life with sexual integrity. 


Those who have traveled this journey before you will tell you that it may not be easy, but it's absolutely worth it. 


But, don't take my word for it. Experience true recovery and healing for yourself.


You have made the commitment, but you may be experiencing some potential roadblocks in your recovery.
The Sexual Recovery program will help you with the following:

Receive a structured and personalized recovery plan based on your needs

Create Boundaries & Consequences for any acting out behaviors

Formulate a disclosure for your partner or spouse

Get involved with an accountability group with likeminded men who are pursuing recovery

Receive tools to avoid the potential for a relapse to occur



I will help you identify the main obstacles that are holding you back, either from maintaining your recovery or overcoming an obstacle that keeps you from living life in the way you want - free from lust, pornography, and sexual acting out behaviors. Each of these issues is then addressed with skill building and accountability, to help you take real steps in your recovery and in your life goals.



Rewiring your brain to unlearn and relearn new tricks is not easy. However, it is doable and will improve your life to no end. Many guys talk about “rebooting” their brain. Just as we might do with a computer that has jammed up when too many windows are open. Through this program you will learn to retrain your brain to reject lust and unhealthy objectifying sexual desires. 



Throughout our sessions, you will learn how to identify relapse triggers. By recognizing persistent triggers and utilizing tools on how to mitigate them, individuals are better able to prevent relapse. Relapse does not have to happen and is preventable, but if relapse does occur, the accountability of working with a recovery coach may help make the relapse of shorter duration and help you get back on track.

The Benefits of Sexual Recovery Coaching

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Sexual Recovery Groups will focus on the process of recovery and assist you breaking through denial, establishing sobriety, and building a recovery support system. Freedom Groups are working groups. These are different from support groups because most support groups simply "support" you when you relapse or encounter difficulties during your recovery. Working groups help you actively work through the 12 steps and establish accountability measures so that you can live an addiction free life.

These groups are conveniently conducted via telephone.

Blurred Motion

According to Dr. Doug Weiss, the President of the American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy, those who are actively viewing pornography on a regular basis and are participating in sexually addictive behaviors are less likely to use the creative side of their brain.  

He has found that people who control their own income (entrepreneurs, salesmen, business owners, etc.) double or more than double their income within 12 months of sexual recovery.


How can
I help?

I am certified in every program offered through the American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy (AASAT). While I am capable of helping you through your sexual recovery, I also have extensive training about partner betrayal trauma and partner recovery to ensure that your wife or partner's side of these issues are understood and heard. The foundation of our coaching will be based in the principles from AASAT and Dr. Doug Weiss - one of the pioneers of the sexual recovery movement and a personal and professional mentor of mine. In order to ensure the best possible experience for my clients, I meet with Dr. Weiss for weekly supervision. 

My style of coaching acknowledges the past but focuses on helping you move forward and developing a successful plan to maintain your sexual integrity in the future. It doesn't matter where you are on your journey right now. Whether you are just starting to reach out for help or you've already started but are feeling "stuck" - I can help you create a personalized recovery plan that can help you avoid potential relapse and live a life of sexual integrity.


Accountability is a key factor of my coaching style. I expect you to be honest with me about your past and setbacks, and in return I can walk alongside you, guide you, and give you foundational tools and knowledge that can help you walk in victory alongside the thousands of men who have conquered sexual addiction and are living their lives committed to sexual integrity. 

 My office is located at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado; however, I offer telephone options for those out of the state and country. 



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